The Internet of Things is changing the way we live. By connecting physical products to the Internet, one can make devices smarter, optimize resources, improve processes and create new business opportunities.

But how can we best prepare the younger generation to tackle the possibilities the future will bring?

Seluxit has a qualified answer, and that’s why we’re participating in Videnskabsmødet. Videnskabsmødet (science meeting) is a free and open gathering where various scientific topics are presented to the general public, to help facilitate dialogue about the role of science in our society.

Seluxit will be showcasing our IoT solutions in the main hall of Nordkraft in Aalborg Friday and Saturday the 11 and 12 of October. In addition, our in-house Philosopher, Jakob Thrane Mainz will be participating in a talk on data ethics Friday the 11 of October. See Videnskabsmødets website for more information.

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Energy Efficiency Dashboard

Energy Efficiency Dashboard

Indenfor få minutter kan du få et rigtig godt indblik i dit energiforbrug med det nye Energi Dashboard fra Seluxit. Udvilingen er en del af et EU støttet projekt - AVES Analysis and Visualisation for Energy Savings - som er lavet i samarbejde med AAU og Systemize."...

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