The Internet of Beer


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Seluxit at Mobile World Congress

”What is the Internet of Beer?”

The question, accompanied with a smile, came again and again.

Seluxit's stand attracted significant attention at the European Utility Week in Vienna earlier this month (#EUW15), amongst an oftentimes staid and solemn landscape.

The explanation? We were demonstrating work for our customer, Gardena of the Husqvarna Group. The project is a smart garden solution with a robotic mower, humidity sensor, watering computer (for a sprinkler) and gateway. The solution essentially enables you to schedule your mowing and sprinkling.

Demonstrating the mower was no problem. We just took out the blades. Demoing the sprinkler though required innovation. Hence, we pimped up the watering computer, using it to dispense beer from a keg we brought with us from Denmark.

Thanks to our friends at Midfyns Bryghus for generously sponsored the suds, Chili Klaus Ghost.