A group of 2nd semester IT students successfully implemented an IoT project using Wappsto Cloud.


Earlier this year, we proposed an IoT project to the 2nd semester IT students. The project was to create a Chamber Activity Monitor using our IoT Platform, Wappsto.

The system had to consist of multiple sensors and an application to set them up:

• A sensor that can measure movement, light, and possibly CO2
• A signal unit to report if a room is occupied
• A signal unit to send different messages to people outside the room.
• A UI where you can configure the above units, view calendar and meeting status, CO2 levels, etc.

All the units had to connect and communicate through the Wappsto Cloud. Students were given our toolbox (a set of programming libraries and documentation) to ease the process.



We were happily surprised by how little guidance they required throughout the project. They successfully completed the assigned tasks.

Here is what they have to say:

The results were extremely satisfying!

We managed to develop our project using several ESP32 components and associated parts, such as motion sensors, LDR, CO2 sensors, displays and more.

Due to the efficient and fast data transfer to the Wappsto platform, and the ease of use it offered, Wappsto proved to be an incredibly intuitive and easy platform to work with. Your instructions on Github also made it quick and easy for us to set up the various components for our project.

It was truly an amazing experience working on this project!

Jesper, Mikkel, Simon and Christian

2nd semester IT students, EA Dania Silkeborg

It was a pleasure working with such talented and determined young people who can grasp and execute complicated problems.

While carrying out such projects, both sides learn new things. We always value feedback on how we can improve our platform and learning materials.

We hope Wappsto continues helping other students in their learning experience.

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