What is this machine and what value can it gain by being connected to the Internet? The audience attending the IT-forum event “Next Generation Internet of Things”, a part of IWDK (Internet Week Denmark), had a couple of minutes to share their thoughts with their neighbors before the answers were revealed.

Seluxit Project Manager, Brian Boyles, then presented the results of Seluxit’s work together with Fremco. The machine’s function?… a fiber-blowing machine that allows empty tubes to be filled with Internet fiber. The value of IoT?… an improved and more cost effective user interface, predictive maintenance, opportunities to charge in a leasing model (machine-as-a-service), and better operator performance with the prospect of automatic operation.

This is just one example of how a product can be transformed by capturing its usage data and applying it to multiple product improvements. As companies continue to realize the value that can be unlocked and improve their product offerings in ways that save ressources, we’re all taking a step in the right direction.

Energy Efficiency Dashboard

Energy Efficiency Dashboard

Indenfor få minutter kan du få et rigtig godt indblik i dit energiforbrug med det nye Energi Dashboard fra Seluxit. Udvilingen er en del af et EU støttet projekt - AVES Analysis and Visualisation for Energy Savings - som er lavet i samarbejde med AAU og Systemize."...

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