At Seluxit we have a large variety of different products going from education technology to energy solutions.

Education Technology

We want to equip youth with technical skills and fuel them up with innovative thinking and problem-solving skills while learning meaningful competencies such as data science, math, physics and programming.

Wappsto:bit – IoT device for children

Now kids can make their own internet-connected thermometer, noise sensor, candy-drawer alarm or even reaction game in just minutes.

Seluxit smart plug eCOP

Learn to save energy with the eCOP smart plug

Learn about energy and consumption by creating real-life examinations and experiments. See measured data in the dashboard and learn to read data and graphs.
Gain analytic competencies by learning of patterns, comparisons and much more.

Seluxit EMS – Energy Efficiency Solutions

The cheapest and least polluting energy is the energy you don’t use.

EMS reports

Wappsto – Seluxit IoT Platform

Device Fleet and User Management
Sharing and fine-grained access control
No-code IoT Platform
Configurable Dashboard
Integrations and Automation
Data and Software encryption + Daily back-ups

Development Resources

Find guides, code samples, and API references to learn how to build your IoT Solution.