Educational Game in 3 Steps with eCOP Smart Plug

Learn valuable lessons while playing games


Play our educational games and learn about energy efficiency using the eCOP Smart Plug.


Throughout the game, the players gain a deeper understanding of energy consumption, IoT, and automations, while becoming empowered to take meaningful actions that save electricity and money.

Let’s Play!

Level 1

EnergyLand Treasure Hunt

Go on an electrifying treasure hunt that raises awareness about electricity consumption!

The players use the eCOP Smart Plug to measure how much energy different appliances in school or at home use. The LED colours of the plug indicate how much electricity the appliance is using.

The goal of this educational game is to find appliances with energy usage that match the gem colours on the map to earn points. The group of students that collects the most points wins.

Playing the EnergyLand Treasure Hunt game teaches students about:

  • identifying appliances that use a lot of energy
  • how energy is used in school and at home
  • energy consumption.
Energy Treasure Hunt game

Contact us to receive a print-ready version of the treasure map.

Level 2

Energy Vampire Hunting

Protect the environment by confronting vampires! In this educational game, the players sort appliances into:

  • small mosquitos who are little energy wasters
  • vampire bats who are medium energy wasters
  • large energy-sucking vampires who are big energy wasters.

The players activate the game by turning on the Vampire Detection mode on the eCOP smart plug to measure active and standby energy consumption.

This educational game teaches students about:

  • identifying appliances that use a lot of power on standby
  • standby energy consumption
  • standby energy waste.

This game requires a Wappsto account to track the energy consumption of appliances.

Energy Vampire Hunt with eCOP

Contact us to receive a print-ready version of the treasure map.

Level 3

Electricity to Ice Cream

Stop electricity waste and convert your energy savings into ice cream!

Turn on the eCOP’s savings mode to detect the standby energy usage and automatically switch off appliances to avoid energy waste.

The smart plug then calculates the energy savings based on the local electricity prices.

Sign a contract with your students or child that states they will receive ice cream in exchange for the money they save on energy.

  • Playing this educational game teaches students:
  • to save energy and money by turning appliances off
  • to make eco-friendly choices in their daily lives
    energy consumption in kWh.
Electricity to ice cream

Our educational games teach a variety of valuable lessons

Energy Waste Awareness

Children learn to recognize how energy is wasted in their daily lives, through practices, like, leaving lights on in empty rooms, running appliances on standby mode, and using outdated or poorly maintained equipment.

Conservation Principles

As players progress through the game, they learn about the importance of energy-saving efforts. They learn practical things for conserving energy, such as turning off lights when not in use, switching off electronics, and using energy-efficient options.


Problem-Solving Skills

The game presents players with challenges and obstacles that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills to overcome. Children learn to evaluate different solutions and make informed decisions to achieve their goals.

Behavioural Changes

Children understand the importance of adopting energy-saving behaviours and habits in their daily routines. They explore the concept of energy conservation and how small changes in behavior can make a significant difference in reducing energy waste.

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