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eCOP smart plug

Projects for different age groups

We offer creative and experimental projects that fuel innovative thinking.

Age 6-12

Age 13-15

Age 16-18

Age 18+

Learn to save electricity while playing

Teaching kids about energy saving is vital. We have prepared some creative and engaging games to help children learn about energy-saving practices while having fun at home or school, as well as creating good habits.

Age 6-12

Treasure hunt with eCOP smart plug

Energy Treasure Hunt

“Energy Treasure Hunt” is an educational game designed to raise awareness about energy conservation and promote sustainable practices.

Find out where the energy treasures are buried by plugging in different appliances. The smart plug LED colors will tell you if you have found a big treasure.

The game combines elements of scavenger hunts, puzzle-solving, and environmental education to engage children in a fun and interactive learning experience.

energy vampires

Energy Vampire hunting

Learn to identify energy vampires and preserve energy. 

Enable power monitor on the eCOP smart plug to detect and measure standby and active energy. By doing that you will learn which vampires are most dangerous. The game makes students aware of energy consumption and energy waste. 

Electricity to ice cream

Electricity to ice cream

Learn to save based on electricity prices shown on the smart plug LEDs. Based on the colour, switch appliance ON or OFF to avoid expensive hours.

Calculate how many of your favourite ice creams you have earned. Maybe the school or parents will give an ice cream as a reward.

      Educational real-life assignments and activities

      Learn programming, physics and mathematics while gaining insights into real-life scenarios.

      Age 13-15

      Sustainable house

      Design a “GREEN” Dream House

      Learn about energy optimization solutions.

      Focus on efficient lighting and appliances, as well as smart automation.

      Present the designs to the class. Discuss the principles of sustainable home design.

      energy budget

      Virtual energy budgeting

      Assign students a virtual budget for daily or weekly energy consumption.
      Students use the eCOP smart plug to monitor and control devices, ensuring they stay within their allocated energy budget.
      Discuss strategies for prioritizing energy use and make conscious choices.

      Electricity usage data

      Energy consumption simulation

      Simulate different scenarios with the smart plug, such as turning off all non-essential devices during a peak energy consumption period. Use the hourly energy prices in the Wappsto platform. 

      Predict the impact on energy savings and discuss the results as a class.

      block programming

      Programming basics: avoid energy waste

      Learn to use logic with no-code programming blocks and install these on the eCOP

      Gain insights about energy usage patterns and optimize electricity consumption.

      Assignments focused on energy management and IoT

      Learn programming, data science, physics and mathematics while gaining insights into IoT and energy management.

      Age 16-18

      electricity consumption analysis

      Energy visualisation

      Create visual representations of energy consumption data collected through the eCOP smart plug.
      Use graphs and infographics to communicate your findings effectively.

      Discover and discuss energy usage patterns.

      wappsto blocks

      Level up your programming skills and automate energy usage

      Learn to use logic and implement automation rules to enable smart actions based on predefined conditions with no-code programming blocks.

      Optimize electricity consumption and create smart and useful automated schedules.

      Electricity price data

      Energy cost and CO2 emissions

      Focus on mathematics

      Learn about electricity costs using collected the consumption data with the eCOP.
      Create scenarios for calculating monthly energy bills and compare the costs of various appliances.

      Evaluate the impact on the environment, calculate CO2 emissions and make a plan for energy optimizations.

      Projects for university research and students

      • Integration with MATLAB
      • Data import and export
      • R-Shiny data visualization
      • Out-of-the-box data visualization
      • Data pipelines
      • Edge computing

      Age 18+

      We have a long track record with educational institutions and EU projects.

      EU Projects

      EU Projects

      Universities we worked with

      machine learning

      Machine Learning + AI using R and Python

      Incorporate machine learning algorithms and AI into your projects.

      Analyze historical data, predict future energy usage patterns and make proactive suggestions for energy optimization.

      advanced automations

      Advanced automations and data integrations

      Implement energy-efficient automation by analyzing usage patterns and weather data and energy prices.

      Learn to create advanced automation tasks that combine multiple integrations and devices to automatically adjust lighting, temperature, and other parameters to minimize energy consumption.

      energy application development

      Create your own IoT applications

      Create user-friendly interfaces for both mobile and web platforms, allowing users to monitor and control connected devices remotely.

      Learn to integrate 3-rd party services to collect data, like electricity, water, and gas consumption.

      Consider incorporating features like real-time consumption tracking, device scheduling, and automation rules.

      Time series calculator

      Time-series: data exploration and preprocessing

      Explore and understand the historical data sets. Learn to address the outliers, and handle missing data values.

      Real and meaningful learning that educates students and at the same time is transferable to the household. Projects are unlimited and scalable in complexity to match students’ competencies and age.

      measure electricity consumptions with smart plug


      Learn about energy and the consumption of different appliances. Create real-life examinations and experiments.

      electricity consumption analysis


      See measured data in the dashboard and learn to read data and graphs.
      Gain analytic competencies by learning of patterns, comparisons and much more.

      ecop control and automation


      Create your actions – Doing it manually or program with no-code automation.
      Develop the logic of your choice and develop programming skills.

      electricity price to smart plug color

      Smart automations

      Set intelligent ACTIONS on the plug to change LED colour based on

      • electricity consumption
      • electricity price
      • CO2 emissions

      We want to equip youth with technical skills and fuel them up with innovative thinking and problem-solving skills, while learning meaningful competencies such as data science, math, physics and programming.

      A relatable device that measures electricity consumption, can switch On/Off and controlable LED lights.

      Learn about energy, data, IoT, programming and automations.

      Recommended from age 12 

      Develop technical skills and awareness towards energy savings

      children lighted mind

      We believe today’s global climate challenges need to be solved by tomorrow’s generations – and it starts with fun learning and inspiration. 

      By introducing our young people to energy, IoT and science in a practical and hands-on way, we aim to nurture future generations with interest, knowledge and skills. 

      The eCOP is a powerful learning tool able to perform various fun projects that combine hardware, software and cloud, and brings classes of Science, IT, our Community and Math together.   

      Easy setup


      Connect the plug to Wi-Fi and Wappsto Cloud

      seluxit smart plug

      Technical specifications

      ModelSLX ECOP 1
      Power supply230V AC, 50Hz
      EU standard Schuco power outlet compatible
      Power consumption<1W
      Maximum load3680W
      Communication2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
      Physical sizeW: 51.5mm
      L: 87.5mm
      Plug typeF (EU)
      Operating temperature0 – 40°C
      CertificationsCE, ROHS
      IoT PlatformWappsto by Seluxit
      App supportWappsto (iOS and Android)
      Manual controlPhysical On/Off button


      eCOP smart plug dimensions
      LED lights
      LED colourStatus
      no lightOff
      blueBluetooth mode. Ready for Wi-Fi setup through the Wappsto mobile app
      greenConnected to Wappsto Cloud and ready for use
      yellowUpdating firmware (only during the setup)

      These are the default colours, once the device is configured and automation is running, the meaning may change (eg: green and red may indicate power usage or electricity price).

      Smart plug reset (Factory reset)

      IMPORTANT! After the rest, all the data associated with the plug in the Wappsto Cloud will be deleted and the Wi-Fi configuration will be erased. The smart plug will no longer be linked to your account.

      While the plug is powered on, press and hold the POWER button for approx 10 seconds until the LEDs start blinking white. The LEDs will turn red and then blue. Once you see blue LEDs this means the plug is reset and ready for a new setup.

      eCOP smart plug

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