Smart Garden – Gardena

Connecting three garden products including a robot lawnmower to the Internet, enabling app-based monitoring, control and automation.


Before the project, Gardena’s customers could schedule and control their robot lawnmower, but only through the lawnmower’s own interface. Gardena wanted to allow its customers to schedule and control their lawnmowers using an app. An app would also allow different Gardena products to be operated and orchestrated together. The first two products chosen were a humidity sensor and sprinkler system. Gardena had started in-house development of the lawnmower, but came into difficulties with wireless-signal range and creating a scalable system that could expand to other products. Seluxit’s existing technology offered a viable solution for both problems.


Seluxit was able to help Gardena into the market in a very short timeframe because Seluxit already had a range of finished technology that could solve Gardena’s problems. In close cooperation with Gardena, Seluxit developed embedded hardware in the Gardena products which sends to and receives wireless signals from Seluxit’s IoT Platform via a home gateway. The Seluxit IoT Platform enables the app as well as forwarding product-usage data to Gardena’s ERP.


Each of the Gardena products needed to be produced, including sourcing the bill of materials as well as managing the generation of unique keys in each product to ensure security. Moreover, the products’ radio technology needed to be certified and tested during the manufacturing process. All of these topics were handled by Seluxit.


Seluxit manages the operation and maintenance of the Gardena Smart system. Over-the-air updates ensure that any bug fixes are deployed to every device in the field automatically. At peak operation in August 2021, hundreds of thousands of devices generated more than 5 billion events or 22 TB of data, all handled by Seluxit.