Doing business with the IoT

From Lawnmowers to Smart Meters


6,5 million+ Smartmeter Rollout

Innogy Metering GmbH

Innogy Metering's MeDa@home solution (link opens a German-language pdf in a new tab) was announced in May 2015 at the ZMP Congress in Leipzig. The project will enable walk-by meter reading as well as allowing property owners to access their own metering data locally. The project scope is quite large. Seluxit's role is developing a LoRaWAN and Lemonbeat radio module and gateway. Lemonbeat is a Seluxit-co-developed communications protocol (see below).

Gardena Smart System

The Future of Gardening

Gardena of the Husqvarna Group

The Gardena Smart System has been in stores (e.g., Bauhaus) since April 2016. Gardena's robotic lawnmower was programmable on-device. But in order to get the ability to set the schedule on an app on your smartphone, a major project was undertaken with an eye to expanding in the future. Seluxit has contributed with the embedded system controlling the communication with a Seluxit-designed gateway. Seluxit also provides the solutions IoT platform, ensuring that customers have access to their mower in a secure and scalable manner.


Seluxit makes it happen

Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG

In an ongoing project, we are working together with Kärcher on a key IoT project yet to be announced.


Opportunity knocks

Fremco A/S

When a major telco customer lists off product requirements that scream IoT, there's a good indication that you should produce an Internet-of-Things thing. Fremco's Microflow product is geared up for an upgrade, allowing the data of a telco's cable blowing operations to automatically feed into their operations HQ, which will result in cost and time savings for the telco.


Specifying a full-stack protocol

Lemonbeat GmbH (RWE AG)

Lemonbeat is a full-stack protocol co-developed by Seluxit. Lemonbeat is a novel, innovative, secure, high-performance sub-GHz wireless protocol using binary XML (EXI) and the established standards of TCP / UDP and IPv6. The protocol features an application layer where many similar protocols allow this to be in the hands of each product developer. Lemonbeat is thereby taking on the topic of interoperability of things. This has been expressed in Seluxit's contributions, executed on Lemonbeat's behalf, to the W3C standards body and their Web of Things IG leading to a specification draft of the Lemonbeat application layer. Lemonbeat is the next generation of the communication protocol developed for Innogy Smarthome. Seluxit has also designed a SIP (system-in-package) module in partnership with SiLabs.

Innogy SmartHome

Communication Protocols specification where on-the-shelf products fail

Innogy SE (RWE AG)

During the early stages of product development for Innogy SmartHome it became clear that Innogy's strict technological requirements were not going to be met by existing communication protocols. Seluxit’s work was centered around a series of 18 devices including a gateway or central control unit. These devices included thermostats, transmitters, adapters, smoke detectors, door and window sensors and motion detectors and dimmers. The work performed was mainly on two fronts: embedded systems development in the physical devices and communication protocol specification and implementation.

And Many More

We've been in the IoT game since before the term reached popularity. One of our first projects was for the Danish Electricity Saving Trust (Elsparfonden) in a smarthome project which was groundbreaking in its time. Additional customers include DUCO, npower, Horstmann (Secure) and Com4tzone.

European and National Projects

Taking Research from the Lab to the Market

Seluxit has a long-standing tradition as a R&D-performing SME and has participated in numerous national and European projects including Encourage, Arrowhead, Intrepid and Cassting. The projects have a common focus on how IT can help energy efficiency. Currently, Seluxit is coordinating the CASEK project, a project in the prestigious FET (Future Emerging Technology) Innovation Launchpad.