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Wappsto:bit – a micro:bit extension for STEM learning

Explore, Experiment, and Elevate your STEM skills.

Wappsto:bit is an innovative BBC micro:bit extension board that upgrades your micro:bit with wireless Internet connectivity and interaction with other devices.


Used in hundreds of schools worldwide

A fun IoT solution for learning modern technology

Nominated for a MEFFYS award at MWC 2023 and 2024

Why use Wappsto:bit?

easy to use

Easy to use

Everyone can use it regardless of experience


Productive fun

Develop essential skills while having fun



 Access from wappsto.com or the Wappsto mobile app


Secure and private

We take extraordinary steps to protect your privacy

What our micro:bit extension does?

  • Control and monitor your devices remotely in your web browser or mobile app
  • Create real-time data dashboards
  • Collect and send sensor data to the cloud
  • Connect your device with other IoT devices and services
  • Learn automation with Wappsto no-code programming blocks
electricity consumption analysis

A micro:bit extension for IoT mastery

Wappsto:bit elevates your Internet of Things (IoT) experimentation and data science learning experience to new heights.

That is why hundreds of schools are using our extension board to teach educational technology (EdTech).

It is a great tool for students, teachers, and hobbyists to develop crucial STEM skills while having fun.

The IoT device comes pre-configured and ready to connect to the cloud. It is easy to control and monitor your micro:bit projects from a dashboard on your mobile phone.

Now everyone can have fun while learning about:

  • programming
  • data science
  • data analysis
  • sensors
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • automation

How Wappsto:bit works

Tell your micro:bit extension what to do with easy-to-use blocks
connect wappstobit

See your device go online


Create cool dashboards to see real-time data

Educational material

We offer creative projects and fun hardware bundles to learn about CO2 and the environment and fuel innovative thinking. Examples include Indoor Climate, School Lab, Plant Monitor, and others.

Bundles contain hardware, teaching material, setup guides, and more.

Start your IoT adventure with Wappsto:bit

Unlock your IoT potential with Wappsto:bit and explore endless possibilities in programming, data science, and more.

Get your micro:bit extension today and discover the world of IoT for yourself.

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