Embedded Systems

Hardware, firmware, gateways and protocols

Seluxit has a variety of off-the-shelf hardware solutions that can be modified and adapted to meet your connected-product needs, from small embedded chipsets to gateway devices.


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Connected product development

Your products need to work in challenging environments, and you need cost-effective solutions to meet these challenges.

Device limitations such as memory, disk space, and power as well as network limitations such as bandwidth, range and quality are especially accute in with the kind of widely disperesed battery-operated devices typical of IoT solutions. Your data needs to be transported reliably both locally and towards the cloud, oftentimes requiring a gateway device. And you need to consider where the intelligence in your system will reside. Security must be addressed at every level of the communication chain, starting with your hardware.

These issues require a high degree of expertise to solve effectively. We work together with your product team to adjust your product designs to integrate our cost-effective, efficient and compact embedded-system solutions.

Overview of Embedded Systems Expertise

Here is an overview of our expertise in embedded systems development. Check out our references section for information on projects in which our expertise has been employed.


  • Specification
  • Implementation
  • Security
  • Sub-GHz


  • Low power (battery-operated) devices
  • Antenna design
  • Certification
  • RF optimization
  • Gateway design

Embedded software

  • Secure key exchange
  • Gateway middleware
  • Embedded firmware


  • EOL (end-of-line) testing
  • Key material