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A communication module that is plugged into an eINFO-enabled meter, thus giving real-time data accessible to end customers as well as Distribution System Operators.

Why use eINFO?

Real-time energy monitoring

Easy installation on existing meters

Detailed consumption reports

Instant alerts for high-usage

Easy and effective meter reading

The eINFO meter reading device comes packed with features designed to make energy management simple and effective.

  • Easy retrofitting
    Mounts easily onto any digital meter (electricity, water, gas, heating) without a PIN code.
  • Real-time data
    Provides immediate updates on energy usage, helping you monitor and control consumption effortlessly.
  • Comprehensive reports
    Access detailed weekly, monthly, and yearly reports to track and analyse your energy usage patterns.
  • Automated alerts
    Receive notifications when your energy consumption exceeds predefined limits, allowing you to address issues before they lead to higher costs.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
    Ensures seamless integration with your existing network for smooth data transmission.
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Monitor Grid Quality

  • The eINFO collects all grid-relevant data and sends it to our cloud.
  • Receive instant overview, use data analysis, set alarms, and receive monthly status reports.
  • Distribution service operators can prioritize where the distribution grid needs upgrades or maintenance.


Identify Grid Quality Issues

Meter data can reveal power quality issues such as frequency deviations, harmonic distortion, or power factor problems. Addressing these issues in good time improves the reliability and stability of the grid.

Investigate Billing Anomalies

Uncover billing anomalies such as errors, incorrect tariff applications, or unauthorized meter modifications. Rectifying these anomalies ensures fair and accurate billing for customers.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Based on meter data analysis reveal areas with high energy consumption or identifying customers who could benefit from energy-saving measures.

Building owners

  • Real-time consumption data collection and analysis
  • Pattern recognition to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste
  • Reveal anomalies or abnormalities in consumption, such as sudden spikes or drops in usage. These anomalies may indicate equipment malfunctions, leaks, or other issues that require attention.
  • Monitor peak demand periods and identify strategies to manage and reduce peak demand charges
  • Billing and allocation of energy costs to individual tenants. Ensure fair and transparent billing practices and incentivize tenants to adopt energy-saving behaviors

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    Technical specifications

    eINFO standardFNN Specifications eINFO v1.1
    Power supply5V via eINFO interface
    Power consumption<1W
    Communication2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
    Size (mm)W: 27, H: 45, L: 11
    CertificationsCE, RoHS
    Status indicatorRGB LED
    IoT PlatformWappsto by Seluxit
    Mobile app supportWappsto (iOS and Android)