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eCOP smart plug – a colourful WiFi socket

Stop the electricity waste

The eCOP smart plug is a WiFi socket that uses colours to help you minimise your energy consumption. The plug is a sustainable choice to help you reduce your environmental impact while saving energy and money.

eCOP smart plug

Why use the eCOP smart plug?

Slash your energy consumption

Save money on your energy bill

Reduce your carbon footprint

ROI less than 1 year

Effortless energy management

The eCOP makes it easy for you to manage your energy consumption.

Schedule devices to turn on and off automatically based on your operating hours and set up intelligent rules for optimal energy savings. This means no more wasted energy while you are not using your devices.

EMS reports

How the eCOP smart plug works

The eCOP smart plug can be controlled remotely via an app or automation. This enables you to monitor and manage your energy use in real-time.

measure electricity consumptions with smart plug


Become aware of your energy consumption by measuring your devices/appliances.

electricity consumption analysis


See real-time data in dashboards and analyse where you can optimise your energy usage.

ecop control and automation


Automate actions with no-code blocks to reduce your energy waste.

Why is the smart plug named eCOP?

The smart plug is named eCOP because it acts as a police officer who watches out for energy waste.

electricity price to smart plug color

Measure your energy using colours

Colours can display different parameters. The eCOP can light up in any colour you want.

The smart plug is very simple as it uses colours to indicate how much energy a device uses. However, you also set intelligent actions to change the LED colour based on:

  • electricity consumption
  • electricity price
  • CO2 emissions

A great way to learn about energy

The eCOP smart plug is also an excellent educational tool for teaching students about energy consumption and its environmental impact.

If you want to learn more about how the eCOP can be used for educational purposes, please click the button below.

Seluxit smart plug eCOP

CASE: Saving energy in retail stores

Seluxit automated smart plugs have measured energy savings between 31,6% and 49,6% on refrigerators cooling down drinks. 

  • A retail store has invested in 400 smart plugs in a first-step integration supplied to 20 large stores.
  • Investment is 75.168 EUR including 5 years of platform operations in Wappsto.
  • 5-year savings are 350 000 kWh or 32 tons of CO₂ emissions
  • ROI is between 0.5 to 1 year depending on the refrigerator type.

Easy setup

Connect the smart plug to Wi-Fi and Wappsto.


Technical specifications

Power supply230V AC, 50Hz
EU standard Schuco power outlet compatible
Power consumption<1W
Maximum load3680W
Communication2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Physical sizeW: 51.5mm
L: 87.5mm
Plug typeF (EU)
Operating temperature0 – 40°C
CertificationsCE, ROHS
IoT PlatformWappsto by Seluxit
App supportWappsto (iOS and Android)
Manual controlPhysical On/Off button
eCOP smart plug dimensions
LED lights
LED colourStatus
no lightOff
blueBluetooth mode. Ready for Wi-Fi setup through the Wappsto mobile app
greenConnected to Wappsto Cloud and ready for use
yellowUpdating firmware (only during the setup)

These are the default colours, once the device is configured and automation is running, the meaning may change (eg: green and red may indicate power usage or electricity price).

Smart plug reset (Factory reset)

IMPORTANT! After the rest, all the data associated with the plug in the Wappsto Cloud will be deleted and the Wi-Fi configuration will be erased. The smart plug will no longer be linked to your account.

While the plug is powered on, press and hold the POWER button for approx 10 seconds until the LEDs start blinking white. The LEDs will turn red and then blue. Once you see blue LEDs this means the plug is reset and ready for a new setup.

eCOP smart plug

Let the colours guide you

Ready to take control of your energy use and positively impact your bottom line and the environment? Start your journey to smarter energy management today with our colourful WiFi socket.

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