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Cloud IO – Your Ultimate IoT Gateway for Energy Management

Optimise energy use and save on costs with real-time control

Cloud IO is an advanced IoT gateway designed to monitor and control various devices in real time, helping you optimise energy use and save on costs.
This smart gateway allows you to leverage energy when it’s cheapest and avoid usage during peak hours, ensuring cost-effective and efficient energy management.

Cloud IO

Why use
Cloud IO?

Real-time monitoring and control of energy usage

Automate energy savings with Wappsto integrations

Receive alerts for high energy consumption

Visualise your energy usage

IoT gateway that enhances your energy efficiency

real time meter readings

Real-time meter readings

  • Supports multiple communication interfaces
  • Collects data from electricity, gas, water, and heat meters
  • Provides comprehensive energy usage patterns and monthly reports

Device Control and Energy Management

  • Equipped with 4 relays for remote device control
  • Controls devices like heat pumps, inverters, EV chargers, and ventilation systems
  • Equipped with 4 inputs for emergency buttons, breakers, or S0 pulse counters for meter data reading.
connect devices
charge when cheapest

Cloud logic and automation

  • Integrates with the Wappsto IoT platform for advanced automation
  • Connects to electricity prices for cost optimization
  • Uses weather data to optimise solar panel operations and reduce consumption

How our customers benefit from Cloud IO

EMS reports

Overview of energy usage patterns and monthly reports based on meter reading

alarm icon

Alarm triggers when consumption goes above the threshold and sends notifications


Automatic billing of the tenants based on their energy usage 

heat pump agriculture

Energy efficiency and savings with Wappsto automations

Cloud IO

CASE: Automated control of heat pumps based on electricity price

Seluxit gateway and a submeter are controlling and automating a 20 kW heat pump in an agricultural facility that produces hot water.  Automation involves moving operations to the cheapest hours of the day. 

  • Annual heat pump consumption is 32 000 kWh
  • 20% optimization of energy costs
  • Total investment is 1 500 EUR, while ROI was 9 months

Get started with Cloud IO today

Take control of your energy consumption and start saving with Cloud IO. Discover the benefits of intelligent energy management today by implementing this IoT gateway.

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Technical specifications

Input x 4Low: 0 V
High: 3.3 to 24 V
Output x 4

Relay Power: AC 250V/10A,DC 30V/10A

Normally Closed (NC)
Normally Open (NO)

Power supply

12/24VDC (recommend)

Current: 0.25A/12V (recommend 1A/12V)

Communication interfaces

RJ45/ RS485

Ethernet, Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz), Bluetooth

Communication Protocol


Wireless M-Bus (optional)

Operating temperature & humidity-20°C…70°C
25°C @ ≤95%, no condensation
Size (mm)W: 115, H: 40, D: 90
IoT PlatformWappsto by Seluxit
Mobile app supportWappsto (iOS and Android)