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eCOP smart plug

eCOP Smart Plug

Stop the electricity waste



Extension-board to the BBC micro:bit


Cloud IO

Measure and control devices in real-time

Energy Vampire Hunt with eCOP

Insight Display

Monitor usage and optimize efficiency



Be in control of your energy consumption



Real-time energy consumption data

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Seluxit smart plug eCOP

Saving energy in retail stores

Seluxit automated smart plugs have measured energy savings between 31,6% and 49,6% on refrigerators cooling down drinks. 

  • A retail store has invested in 400 smart plugs in a first-step integration supplied to 20 large stores.
  • Investment is 75.168 EUR including 5 years of platform operations in Wappsto.
  • 5-year savings are 350 000 kWh or 32 tons of CO₂ emissions
  • ROI is between 0.5 to 1 year depending on the refrigerator type.

Real-time energy usage display that saved 15% in consumption

Gas stations install Insight Displays and Sensel to provide employees with immediate feedback on electricity consumption. This initiative aims to promote energy awareness and encourage employees to adopt energy-saving behaviors.

  • Challenge and Motivation: Employees challenge themselves to reduce electricity usage by adopting energy-saving practices. They are motivated to compete with themselves or their colleagues to achieve lower consumption levels.
  • Behavior Adjustment: Employees actively modify their behaviors to minimize electricity usage. This may include turning off unnecessary lights, optimizing equipment usage, or adjusting heating and cooling settings.
  • Environmental Impact: Lower energy usage reduces the station’s carbon footprint.
Cloud IO

Automated control of heat pumps based on electricity price

Seluxit Gateway and a submeter are controlling and automating a 20 kW heat pump in an agricultural facility that produces hot water.  Automation involves moving operations to the cheapest hours of the day. 

  • Annual heat pump consumption is 32 000 kWh
  • 20% optimization of energy costs
  • Total investment is 1 500 EUR, while ROI was 9 month

Teach children good habits

We want to equip youth with technical skills and fuel them with innovative thinking and problem-solving skills while learning meaningful competencies such as data science, math, physics, and programming.