SLX Porcupine, Educational

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Single-Board Computer, Educational (without Secure Boot, Limited temperature range)

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The “SLX Porcupine – Educational” is a Raspberry-Pi compatible minicomputer for various IoT applications, edge computing and gateway functionality. Compared to the SLX Porcupine – Industrial, the SLX Porcupine – Educational has a narrower temperature range and no secure boot feature.

Why Porcupine?

There is a need in the market for a versatile, secure, industrial-grade minicomputer. Seluxit Porcupine is built for that purpose, and because of Porcupine’s Raspberry Pi form factor and compatibility, you have enormous resources at your disposal, as you can use many Raspberry Pi hats and shields, as well as the series of Seluxit Porcupine connectivity shields, allowing you to integrate with various PLC and other device assets.

Porcupine features

  • Seluxit OS with automatic cloud connectivity.
  • Industrial grade, Raspberry Pi form factor
  • 72 GPIOs
  • Onboard flash
  • Shielded flash and CPU
  • Preconfigured OS
  • Direct cloud connection
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi

Getting Started

Here’s a video to help you get started.

You can follow the steps on this page: SLX Porcupine Setup



The Porcupine comes with automatic and secure cloud connectivity along with multiple services. The Seluxit Cloud provides the infrastructure needed for ensuring a secure connection and handling and storage of the data to and from your IoT device.

We offer a set of applications to help you build your own IoT Solution. The main interface point to our cloud is WappstoWeb application store. In here you can find the wapps (Web Apps) that will allow you to interact with your IoT device:

  • A rapid prototyping wapp for quickly creating working IoT devices
  • A Dashboard wapp for viewing your data and turning into knowledge
  • An Over-the-air firmware update wapp
  • The ability to create your own wapps.
  • Allow sharing of data among users

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Rapid Prototyping

The “IoT Rapid Prototyping” wapp allows you to quickly make a secure IoT device using your supported Seluxit sensors and actuators.

The application walks you through the steps from attaching the hardware components to the Porcupine Hat to deploying the automatically generated software to the Porcupine.


The Dashboard wapp allows you to easily set up tables, plots, and figures to get an overview of your collected data.

Mobile app

The Wappsto Native App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store allows you to control your IoT device and see the latest data on your mobile device.

The app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.


A RESTful API is provided for interacting with your IoT device and data and allows you to create your custom applications or third-party integration. You can even create your own apps with the API for this.

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