Wave Powered Energy

Seluxit is “on board” (pun intended) a wave-powered pilot project which is using the SLX Wappsto:bit to measure wave activity in Norway.


Another Smart Home Order

Seluxit has delivered a full IoT solution with electronics, App and a Dashboard for environmentally friendly and high-tech wood pellet stoves, which came on the market in the autumn of 2020. The market introduction has gone really well, which means that Seluxit has now received a new significant order for the upcoming production of pellet […]


Seluxit Gains Australian Partnership

Seluxit has signed another distributor agreement for SLX Wappsto:bit, this time heading down under. Our newest partner, Pakronics, is an online ed-tech store based in Australia, providing everything you need for fun and educational DIY projects.


Seluxit Gains UK Partnership

Seluxit has signed its first distributor agreement for SLX Wappsto:bit in the UK. Our partner, The Pi Hut, is a large online store based in the UK, providing everything you need for your makers projects.


SLX Wappsto:bit Academy

Get inspired with Seluxit’s new online Wappsto:bit Academy, where you can find creative projects for your Wappsto:bit, ranked from beginner to intermediate to advanced.