Half-Year Report: Live Presentation

Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, will hold a live presentation in conjunction with publishing Seluxit’s half-year report on Thursday the 4th of February from 16:00 – 16:30 followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.


SLX Wappsto:bit

SLX Wappsto:bit is an extension board for BBC micro:bit, a popular pocket-sized computer that has been designed specifically for educational purposes.


Customer Focus

We are happy to announce that Simon Hviid Venning has joined Seluxit as Account Manager, strengthening our commitment to creating value for our customers.


Easy Data Collection

Researchers from Aalborg University are using Seluxit products to make data collection easy. In two separate initiatives, air-quality and water-usage data will be collected.


AED Monitoring Rollout

With 400 SLX Heartbeat units already delivered, the rollout for the Danish Heart Foundation has begun in earnest.