You Will Create the Smarthome of the Future

What is smarthome anyway? The answer differs depending on who you ask, and that’s how it should be. The smarthome of the future is personalized as everybody has different devices and different needs. That’s why, no matter how technical you are, you will create the smarthome of the future.

At IoT Week in Århus, Seluxit is showing a series of demonstrators that show how our rapid IoT prototyping tools enabling developers to realize homeowners’ creativity.

Scroll down to read more about each of our demonstrators and if you code yourself, check out the bottom of the page for links to Seluxit’s Github and try using our IoT Rapid Prototyping tools yourself for free.

Love Potion Maker

There are many ways to mix a drink. How about a drink the color of the temperature of your favorite city?

Internet of Beer

Click button, get beer. Too lazy for that too? Then you can just ask Alexa.

Teenage Dinner Bell

Did you ever call a gaming teenager to the dinner table with no results? Maybe you need different methods to get through. How about a smart "dinner's ready" button that will blink your smart lights? At the same time, a photo of the table is taken as proof that there is, in fact, food on the table. And if your teenager still doesn't come?... the screen is switched off automatically.

step 1 image

Seluxit Firefly

Seluxit has developed Firefly, an IoT CO2 sensor kit for classroom use. Firefly is delivered as an assembly kit containing a gateway, CO2 + temperature + humidity + air pressure sensor, lamp structure, LED bulbs and connectors.

For more information on this exciting and relevant project, please view this page.

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IoT Rapid Prototyping

Would you like to try your hand at it yourself? You can find all the code you need here on our Github.

You should also take a look at our website's developer area.


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