IoT Security Advisory Board

Seluxit recently participated in the inaugural meeting of a newly formed IoT security advisory board. The invitation to participate came from the coalition of selected GTS institutes: Alexandra Institute, FORCE Technology and DBI.

The advisory board, a small group of representatives from private companies and branch organizations, serves as a reference group for two related projects, “Strengthening of Danish IoT Security” and “CIDI (Cybersecure IoT in Danish Industry)”. The former project addresses the emerging landscape of cyber-security standardization. The later project focuses on helping Danish companies take a leading position in the market for secure smart products.

As an IoT solutions provider with experience in high-requirement projects such as smart-meter radio modules, Seluxit’s in-depth expertise in cybersecurity permeates each of our projects. We have a common interest with the advisory board to bring a better common understanding to the dialogue, leading to more clarity to the implementation of secure solutions, both in Denmark and beyond.