With Seluxit’s IoT Rapid Prototyping tools, it only takes 10 minutes from sensor to dashboard. That’s when the real fun begins.

In two upcoming workshops held for the IoT & Wireless club in Århus and Hørsholm, our IoT experts Anders Ellern Bilgrau and Mads Kronborg Agesen will guide participants in developing IoT solutions with our no-code / low-code platform.

The no-code / low-code platform consists of Viasens by Seluxit, to get the data from the devices to the cloud, and Wappsto by Seluxit to make use of the data, starting with displaying the data through point-and-click configuration in our Dashboard.

Our IoT Rapid Prototyping tools can be used with numerous hardware components, including Raspberry Pi. For the workshop, we’ll use the SLX Porcupine single-board computer, which has the same form factor as the Raspberry Pi, but is preconfigured for cloud connection and supports a range of sensors out-of-the-box. SLX Porcupine is a good choice when more robust solutions are needed.