Measurement is just the first step

When it comes to saving energy, measurement is fundamental. In one way or the other, Seluxit's smart-metering products all have this common basis. But it doesn't end there. Getting energy-usage data into users hands and making that data useful is equally as important.

Smart Energy Products

Seluxit offers a range of smart energy products, including modems, gateways and drive-by devices that read and receive data using diverse communication protocols. Seluxit also excels at creating sophisticated end-user applications.

Integrations, Automations and User Interfaces

Seluxit smart energy devices securely exchange data using Viasens by Seluxit, our secure IoT infrastructure, allowing for building intelligent applications using Wappsto by Seluxit, giving automatic access to our standard dashboard and native apps as well as a REST-API and a range of developer tools that make it quick to create integrations, automations and apps for a multitude of customized scenarios.

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Embedded smart meter modems

The smart meter modem is a radio module integrated into the meter during production, translating the data from native metering protocols like SML, DLMS/COESM, and IEC 61850 to a wide range of communication protocols indlucing LoRaWAN®, Wireless M-Bus, Wi-Fi and cellular communication such as 3G/4G/5G including NB-IoT and LTE-M.

Seluxit has developed and produced a range of embedded smart meter modems for three different meter producers in The MeDa project, where an ongoing rollout is currently underway.

For new projects, SLX Sparrow is our flagship embedded smart-meter modem product. The sub-GHz version is already here, featuring over-the-air firmware updates that even allow changing support from one wireless protocol to the other, for example LoRaWAN® to Wireless M-Bus.

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Retrofit smart meter modems

Retrofitting solutions can be applied to existing conventional meters to add smart functionality, using a number of interfaces. For example, optical devices that translate blinking LED to an S0 interface.

Seluxit also has a new product, SLX DI4U, that allows using the new DI4U interface. More information on this exciting product will be available shortly.

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Drive-by Readers and Gateways

Getting energy-usage data to the cloud requires moving data from the local network to the internet. There are numerous ways to achieve this. Smart-meter modems can send data via cellular networks directly, but otherwise require some kind of device, like a drive-by reader or gateway, to get the data into the cloud. Seluxit excels at developing and producing these products.

SLX Spingo, for example, is a device used for end-of-line testing, but also walk-by and drive-by reading which can be used by utility employees as well as residents.

Seluxit also has a LoRaWAN® gateway. More information will soon be available.

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