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Making a customized smart-meter modem is a slow, expensive process that requires specialized knowledge. SLX Sparrow offers finished solutions that are pre-certified for your integrated smart-meter modem needs.

SLX Sparrow

SLX Sparrow is an embedded smart-meter modem that converts a variety of native smart meter protocols, including SML, DLMS/COESM, and IEC 61850, to the a wide range of wireless communication protocols, including LoRaWAN®, Wireless M-Bus, Wi-Fi and cellular communication such as 3G/4G/5G including NB-IoT and LTE-M.

SLX Sparrow is pre-certified which saves time for meter manufacturers within the overall certification process. To get energy-usage data safely from the meter to the cloud, SLX Sparrow is also pre-configured for cloud connection, including pre-generated security keys. A gateway solution enables home owners to tap into their own energy usage data as well as to enable utility companies offering services on top of their existing services and products.

SLX Sparrow 868 MHz

SLX Sparrow comes as different hardware variants to support the wireless protocols. The SLX Sparrow 868 MHz product, for example, supports sub-GHz protocols LoRaWAN® or Wireless M-Bus.

SLX Sparrow modem features over-the-air firmware updates, meaning that utility companies can be deployed with one sub-GHz protocol today and be updated tomorrow to support another sub-GHz protocol.

SLX Sparrow is future proof, and with this protocol flexibility, SLX Sparrow helps protect investments and avoid costly meter replacement.

SLX Sparrow series

SLX Sparrow is also available in other versions supporting different radios, indlucing 868 / 915 / 920 MHz (Europe, US, Japan), 2.4 GHz, NB-IoT and LTE-M.

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