Put Residents in the Starring Role

The DI4U interface will allow residents to directly tap into their energy-usage data, so they can fully praticipate in the energy transition. SLX DI4U is a complete, extendible solution fulfilling this promise.


SLX DI4U is a complete smart-meter solution tailored for meters with a DI4U output.

DI4U Interface

The DI4U interface was developed by the VDE FNN* to provide a simple way for homeowners to get a hold of their energy-usage data. Energy companies can obtain the valuable high-resolution energy usage data and provide useful services to homeowners.

* VDE | FNN: Network Technology/Network Operation Forum at VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies

Fully-Managed Framework

SLX DI4U is a complete solution to get you out of the gates which at the same time is a framework that allows multiple apps and services to be provided.

SLX DI4U Main Unit

Connects to the DI4U supported meter via USB-C and sends data to the cloud via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There are variations in DIN-railing casing or with stand-along housing. Antennas on all four variations come in two sizes. Stand-alone housing can be as a standard or as a highly weather-resistant version.

SLX DI4U Dashboard

Configurable responsive user interface for out-of-the-box use or further development, supported by our REST API.

SLX DI4U Native Apps

iOS and Android apps with standard user interface.

Further information

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Seluxit IoT

Seluxit IoT
SLX DI4U enables residents to truly participate in the energy transition


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