Connected Oven Proposal

Seluxit is developing an embedded module that will be the basis for the connected oven of the future. We are offering a complete solution and seeking a colloaboration with you to make the connected oven of the future a reality.
connected oven prices

Value for your oven user

Your oven users will be empowered and delighted by the digitally augmented cooking experience. Connected features are no longer a gimmick, they’re being taken for granted. We have conducted an analysis and have a proposed development road map that we’d love to present for you.

Value for your company

IoT projects often fail, and are perceived as high-risk projects as the costs and time-scope are uncertain. Because Seluxit has a proven, complete solution with privacy and security-by-design, we greatly reduce your risk, lower your costs, and reduce your time-to-market.


Seluxit will cover 100% of the development costs of the module including connection to the Seluxit IoT Platform and a basic user interface for reference. You need to pay your own development team. We are offering the modules at a flat rate with a minimum order quantity. Anonymized product usage data is offered at a flat, monthly rate per oven.

Project Scope

We are offering a complete solution from prototype to production to operation. We will work with your product development team to integrate the embedded module in your products. The time scope of the project is one year from project start to store shelves.

Let's work together

Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a meeting with us.