Follow our recipe for IoT Success

Seluxit offers a complete tool kit with everything you need for a full IoT deployment at scale.

Seluxit IoT Solution Builder

From lightbulbs to lawnmowers, electricity meters to industrial pumps, the Seluxit IoT Solution Builder encompasses the tools Seluxit uses to create secure, robust solutions for our customers.

The SLX series are complete product solutions built on Viasens by Seluxit and Wappsto by Seluxit.
SLX Product Series

The SLX Series is our own series of complete product solutions. SLX physical products are preconfigured for with Viasens by Seluxit, our secure IoT infrastructure. Depending on the specific hardware version, SLX physical products can support a range of wireless protocols, from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to 4G/3G, NB-IoT, LoRa® and LoRaWAN® and more. Data analysis, automations and user interfaces are built with the functionality provided by Wappsto by Seluxit.

Some SLX products are building blocks used by developers, such as SLX Porcupine or SLX Porcupine SOM, while others are complete solutions for specific applications, such as SLX Heartbeat (AED status monitoring) or SLX Sparrow (embedded smart-meter modem).

Viasens by Seluxit

Viasens by Seluxit is our secure IoT Infrastructure. Viasens is both open-source connectivity firmware and device management in the cloud. Viasens features secure connectivity, multiple protocol support, over-the-air firmware update, optional cloud data storage, and data forwarding to third parties. Viasens features Seluxit's own Unified Data Model (UDM), a data structure ensuring interoperability. The UDM is rigid enough to be useful, but generic enough to be flexible.

Wappsto by Seluxit

Wappsto enables applications and datasharing. On the one hand, Wappsto is an appstore and data marketplace. You can read more about the concept on On the other hand, Wappsto offers tools that allow developers to create IoT applications as web apps with integrations and automations, using Viasens as the backbone. Because of our Unified Data Model (UDM), applications and data assets created using Wappsto can be combined, creating novel mashup applications. Wappsto apps, or 'wapps', include our dashboard, enabling fleet management and status monitoring with configurable alarms.

We also have generic native Android and iOS apps (Seluxit Device List), which serve as reference code and also function out-of-the-box, aiding the development process.

These are the tools Seluxit and our partners use to quickly create standardized, secure and robust IoT solutions.

IoT Product Development

IoT Rapid Prototyping

Success with IoT requires a business case that can hold water. But all too many find themselves squandering their budget on proof-of-concept projects only to discover that the business case didn't hold up. IoT Rapid Prototyping is a way to quickly try out a range of ideas.

With Seluxit's point-and-click IoT rapid prototyping, it only takes 10 minutes from sensor to dashboard.

Production at scale

At Seluxit, we use the same tools used for IoT Rapid Prototyping for producing IoT products at scale, and we're proven experts in secure production from idea to store shelf.

Seluxit is ready to help you with a full IoT solution, based on the fully standard products in Seluxit's IoT Solution Builder. You'll lower your risk and time-to-market because of our proven recipe for IoT success.