Seluxit IoT Cloud Pricing

Both our core cloud offering (Viasens by Seluxit) as well as our expanded cloud-services suite (Wappsto by Seluxit) are priced using the same simple system, outlined here. You can get started for free with up to 10 connected units.

Free Small Business Enterprise
Subsciption Free From € 40 / month From € 160 / month
Data traffic and storage Free up to € 6,50 / month Based on use Based on use
Number of units connected Less than 10 Less than 500 More than 500
Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
REST API Yes Yes Yes
Additional Users No € 27 € 27
Data Traffic and Storage Calculator (Excel) ≫
SLX Product Series Pricing

Seluxit offers a range of products under the SLX product series name. All physical SLX products have a fixed price for hardware, which can vary depending on the specific product.

All SLX products also connect to the Seluxit IoT Cloud, and either use the Seluxit IoT Cloud pricing or have cloud connectivity priced in. See each SLX product for specifications.

View additional information on each SLX product page, and visit our shop for more details on selected SLX products.

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Seluxit IoT Cloud Pricing Examples

€ 0 per device per month

9 rooms are monitored using SLX Porcupine. Every hour CO2 and temperature is measured and data is periodically analysed in the dashboard.

Small Business
€ 1,04 per device per month

200 industrial pumps are monitored using SLX Porcupine. Vibration, temperature, and humidity is measured every hour an upon event. Store is operated by an App and data is presented in the dashboard with map view, where alarms can be monitored and shared with 5 service technicians. Data is stored for 1 year as it is mainly used for operational purposes.

€ 0,26 per device per month

5.000 containers are tracked using SLX tracker, with wifi connectivity. Vibration, temperature, and location is measured twice a day. Data is presented in the dashboard where alarms can be monitored, and data is periodically exported for documentation purposes. There are 10 users with access to the data. Data is stored for 3 years as it is used for both operational, development and documentation purposes.