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CO2 has an impact on learning ability.

Now students can measure and adjust C02 levels in their classroom.

C02 and Learning Ability

When people exhale they exhale carbon dioxide (CO2) and when many people are together in the same room, CO2 will rise over time. A heightened CO2 level in a classroom affects students' ability to learn, because they will experience a loss of concentration and will feel tired.

seluxit firefly iot co2 sensor and app Seluxit Firefly: interactive CO2 sensor and app

What You Can Do

By continuously measuring CO2 levels in all classrooms, students, teachers and schools will be informed about when classrooms should be ventilated, to ensure the best learning environment.

The school will get a picture of the CO2 levels in all of the classes during the course of the day, and can use that information to bring their attention to the rooms where it’s most needed.

Teachers and students in each class will be able to see the level of CO2 (lamp’s color and notification via app) and air the room out themselves, before the level gets too high, and in that way actively participate in the optimization of their indoor climate.

IoT and indoor climate in the curriculum with Seluxit Firefly

Seluxit has developed Firefly, an IoT CO2 sensor kit for classroom use. Firefly is delivered as an assembly kit containing a gateway, CO2 + temperature + humidity + air pressure sensor, lamp structure, LED bulbs and connectors. A mobile app makes it possible for students to monitor CO2 levels in the classroom. There is also a web dashboard for monitoring of all classes for use by the school’s management and teachers.

Teachers and students can build “skins” for the lamp and define different patterns for how the lamp should react to CO2, temperature and humidity. The goal is both to focus on creating the optimal indoor climate for learning as well as to gain knowledge about IoT. This is an exciting and relevant project for every school that wants to focus on environment / indoor climate and at the same time wants to teach something about the future's IoT solutions.

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