Bringing the BBC micro:bit online

Give your micro:bit superpowers with a IoT / Cloud connection with the Wappsto:bit extension board! Control your micro:bit from Wappsto and receive your data directly in your dashboard.

Just 3 steps for IoT Connectivity


Put a micro:bit into the SLX Wappsto:bit extension board
micro:bit in a SLX Wappsto:bit extension board (full size image)
slx wappsto:bit compatability


In the MakeCode IDE, use the Wappsto by Seluxit blocks to configure your IoT connectivity
MakeCode IDE (full size image)


You now automatically get data in the point-and-click configurable Dashboard in Wappsto by Seluxit indlucing the Wappsto Native App (Apple's App Store | Google Play).
Your micro:bit data as IoT data (full size image)
Wappsto Native App (full size image)
Three Versions
SLX Wappsto:bit will be available in three versions. All versions will feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The NB-IoT version will feature NB-IoT connectivity and the NB-IoT+ product will additionally feature GPS. NB-IoT is particularly well suited to projects that require remote data capture, for example measuring air quality at outside locations, where GPS can further enrich the data.
SLX Wappsto:bit Basic (full size image)
SLX Wappsto:bit NB-IoT (full size image)
SLX Wappsto:bit NB-IoT+ (full size image)
Automations and User Interfaces
In the Wappsto by Seluxit environment, data can be viewed out-of-the-box with our standard Dashboard, and students can continue to develop with Seluxit’s easy-to-use tools.
Seluxit IoT
What is Wappsto.bit? (28 sec.)

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Young Scientist at Work
BBC micro:bit

micro:bits are pocket-sized computer designed to inspire critical thinking and creativity in children. BBC micro:bits also enable students to make use of electronics to become citizen scientists.

SLX Wappsto:bit

micro:bit has native support for Bluetooth (BLE), allowing students to, for example, use an app to interact with their micro:bits. But getting signals and data into the cloud requires an extension board and a cloud backend.

SLX Wappsto:bits are IoT extension boards including the cloud backend and dashboard for use with the BBC micro:bit educational electronics series.

There are versions for supporting fast Bluetooth / Wi-Fi connections in classrooms as well as supporting remote, battery-optimized connectivity via NB-IoT, with the option for GPS.

slx wappsto:bit compatability