Trust your AEDs to work - when it matters

SLX Heartbeat is a standard 24/7 digital AED monitoring solution that works out-of-the-box across the most commonly used AEDs and cabinets on the market. Dashboards and notifications make it efficient to monitor and ensure that your entire fleet of AEDs are always fully functional and ready when needed - ready to save lives!

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In Denmark, 5.400 people a year suffer cardiac arrest outside a hospital or about 15 people a day (Source and photo:


  • In Denmark, 15 people a day experience cardiac arrest while not at the hospital
  • Unfortunately upwards of 11% (and perhaps up to 50%) of all AEDs located outside do not work when needed - lives are lost because of that (Source: DR, TV2 )
  • Increased monitoring of the AEDs would improve the numbers - but traditional monitoring is both expensive and inefficient


  • Out-of-the-box 24/7 digital AED monitoring service
  • Dashboards and notifications keep you service team updated - anytime and anywhere
  • One Dashboard to monitor the entire fleet. The SLX Heartbeat works across different AEDs and cabinets (misc. brands and types) - no need for other monitoring systems
  • SLX Heartbeat monitor both the status of the AED and the conditions in the cabinet
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24/7 monitoring and preventive maintenance is key to prevent malfunctions. We need to trust our AEDs to work - when it matters. It is a question of saving lives.
anna kaltoft
Anne Kaltoft, CEO, the Danish Heart Foundation

SLX Heartbeat helps us improve our service business. It is an easy-to-upsell product, that we can retrofit into AEDs and cabinets already out there.
knut clem
Frederik Clem, Owner, Medidyne AS


Retrofit SLX Heartbeat to your existing AEDs


The dashboard tells you when your AEDs need service


Your AEDs are always ready to save lives


SLX Heartbeat is sold as an all-inclusive kit with a fixed price per unit plus a monthly subscription.

Each kit consists of:

  • Dashboard
  • Main unit & sensor eye
  • Battery-as-a-service
  • Mobile Connectivity


€ 160 *
per kit

€ 7 *
per kit per month

* Excluding VAT.

Min. 500 kits. Are you looking for more than 1000 kits? Please contact us for a quote.

What's next?

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