SLX Heartbeat Product Details

SLX Heartbeat is sold as a kit, adapted to each AED model. The kit consists of a dashboard, main unit with battery, and sensor eye.

Example of a finished installation


The SLX Dashboard is used for monitoring the status of the fleet of AEDs and the cabinets they are placed in. The standard dashboard comes with a watch list populated with the AEDs that need attention. The watch list makes it very efficient for the service team to monitor the entire fleet. A fleet that often consists of hundreds of AEDs.

slx heartbeat dashboard

Main Unit with Battery and Eye

Main Unit

The main unit is used for:

  1. Collecting data from the sensors
  2. Forwarding the collected data to the cloud using a 4G/3G/2G modem

The main unit gathers and processes data from multiple sensors measuring audio, temperature, and humidity.


Long-Life Battery used for powering the main unit. Battery lifetime is expected to be +1 year in normal operating conditions.

Sensor Eye

The eye is custom for each AED. It is used for connecting the main unit to the AED. It has a built-in sensor for measuring temperature and colors.

The eye socket is custom for each AED. The socket makes it possible to attach the eye to the AED.

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Seluxit IoT

Key Specifications

Casing Plastic
Color White
Weight 280 g
Width 10 cm
Length 10,5 cm
Height 4 cm
Mounting Magnetic/dbl. sided tape
Installation Indoors or in cabinet
(IP 52)
Temperature limits 0C to +60C
Humidity limits 10% to 90%
Status sensors Audio/LED/Optical
Condition sensors Temperature/Humidity
Measurement frequency Every hour
Connectivity 4G/3G/2G modem
Sim card Included
Data upload Every 24 hours
Warning When detected
Powered by Battery
Battery lifetime +1 year
GPS position Yes
Dashboard Yes
App No
Cloud Yes
Data storage Yes


SLX Heartbeat

For Zoll AED Plus

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