Getting AEDs on the Map

The Need for Mapping

Studies have shown that only between 5-22% of people know where to find the closest AED in an emergency.*

We need to do better. That's why we're offering free mapping of any AEDs in addition to our AED status monitoring offering.

Free Mapping Offer

Everybody can use our mapping functionality.

  • Map overview including opening hours
  • Everybody can input AED info
  • Everybody can find their closest AED
  • Upload of AED data files (for multiple AEDs)
  • Additional info for monitored AEDs

Will the AED work?

Finding an AED is unfortunately only part of the problem. Futher studies have shown that upwards of 11% (and perhaps up to 50%) of all AEDs located outside do not work when needed.

That's why we've created SLX Heartbeat, a retrofit AED monitoring solution that can be applied to various AED models.

* European Heart Journal
** DR and TV2

Learn more

Get in touch to hear more about our AED status monitoring including our free mapping service.

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Seluxit IoT
Seluxit IoT
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