Get Your AEDs on the Map

Free Dashboard Offering

SLX Heartbeat Dashboard

  • Map overview including opening hours
  • Input AED info
  • Upload AED data files (for multiple AEDs)
  • Everybody can find their closest AED
  • Additional info for monitored AEDs
  • Free of charge
slx heartbeat free dashboard

The SLX Heartbeat Dashboard was created for our AED status monitoring solution, SLX Heartbeat.

But the dashboard can be used independantly by anybody to view and collect information on AEDs, whether they are monitored by our system or not.

That means that national heart foundations and other service organizations can upload data on their AED fleet and provide a map - for free.

That also means that small businesses and other owners of AEDs can input data on their AEDs themselves.

You can offer this free tool as a central place for information about AEDs that will allow users to find their closest AEDs.

More information

The SLX Heartbeat Dashboard is available for free in Wappsto by Seluxit. To get started, contact us at, or drop us a line using the form below.

Seluxit IoT
Responsive web app puts AEDs on the map. It's free and it's for everybody.

Why are we doing this?

AEDs save lives. But do citizens know where AEDs are located? We want to help get AEDs on the map, so ordinary citizens are aware and better prepared to save lives.

Interested in AED Status Monitoring?

In addition to free mapping of AEDs with the SLX Heartbeat Dashboard, we also provide comprehensive AED monitoring solutions that can be retrofit onto many different models of AEDs.

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