24/7 AED Monitoring

Retrofit your existing AED fleet with SLX Heartbeat and make sure your AEDs are functioning all the time, every time.

SLX Heartbeat is a fully-managed solution that includes a monitoring device you easily retrofit to your AED fleet and a dashboard, where you have a configurable overview of which AEDs need maintenance, including a map.

SLX Heartbeat consists of a sensor eye with audio/visual reading of the AEDs own self-test capabilities, and furthermore monitors temperature and humidity in the cabinet. The main unit has GPS and sends the condition monitoring data via the mobile network.

Pricing is simple: a flat rate for each product with a monthly subscription that includes mobile connectivity.

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Become a distributor

If you have business in selling AEDs and ensuring their maintenance, SLX Heartbeat can help you optimize how you give your customers maintenance, saving you money and giving you new revenue opportunities.

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Whether you’re interested in becoming a distributor, or if you otherwise have a fleet of AEDs you need to maintain, we’d like to hear from you.

Contact us to obtain volume pricing, to schedule a demo or to speak with a representative.

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In Denmark, 5.400 people a year suffer cardiac arrest outside a hospital or about 15 people a day (Source and photo: hjerteforeningen.dk)


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SLX Heartbeat

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