AED Status Monitoring

Improve AED service, reduce your effort. The process is easy using SLX Heartbeat.


Retrofit SLX Heartbeat to your existing AEDs


The dashboard tells you when your AEDs need service


Your AEDs are always ready to save lives

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SLX Heartbeat has everything you need. It's easy to install and easy to use.

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24/7 monitoring and preventive maintenance is key to prevent malfunctions. We need to trust our AEDs to work - when it matters. It is a question of saving lives.
anna kaltoft
Anne Kaltoft, CEO, the Danish Heart Foundation

SLX Heartbeat helps us improve our service business. It is an easy-to-upsell product, that we can retrofit into AEDs and cabinets already out there.
knut clem
Frederik Clem, Owner, Medidyne AS

SLX Heartbeat

Whether you’re interested in becoming a distributor, or if you otherwise have a fleet of AEDs you need to maintain, we’d like to hear from you.

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+45 46 922 722