IoT mit Zitronengeschmack

Ein sicher vernetztes Smart Home mit Lemonbeat” is the title of the German-language article recently published in the influential periodical Elektronik Praxis. The article features Seluxit co-developed Lemonbeat, thereby showcasing many of the hallmarks of Seluxit’s approach to the IoT.

The heavyweight German utility RWE is a longstanding Seluxit customer (read the RWE casestudy) and partner in the Lemonbeat protocol.

Lemonbeat is both a field-tested state-of-the-art full-stack protocol and a standards track application layer for the Web of Things aligned with Seluxit’s approach that devices should be configurable, self-describing and interoperable. We may be a ways from seeing a unification and a real standard emerge, but Lemonbeat is RWE and Seluxit’s voice in the conversation.

seluxit rwe lemonbeat

Written by Mille Lux