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Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux, will be presenting “Convert IoT Data to Cash” at a NEXTech Lab in Hall 8.0 at this years Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This is the second year in a row [...]
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Seluxit is looking to fill four positions as a part of our accelerated growth strategy. The positions are Sales Director, CFO, Key Account Manager and Electronics Engineer.

Seluxit's Videos

About Seluxit

Hear Daniel Lux, CEO of Seluxit, introduce the Company (video in Danish, English subtitles available)

New stock market promises great growth

Børsen Play interview with, Seluxit CEO, Daniel Lux: "We are better than Amazon for the Internet of Things."

En af de mere spændende cases

Seluxit i millionærklubben 31 oktober 2018.

Financial, legal and other documents

Here you can find the last published financial, legal and other documents from Seluxit.

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Your shares must be registered in order for you to vote for the general meeting. That's your own choice if you want to list your shares. If you receive the message 'cannot find investorID' when you try to log in to the shareholder portal with your NemID, it is likely that your shares are not registered by name. Contact your bank or UCITS and ask them to list your shares.

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To receive a call for a general meeting, register your e-mail address on the Shareholder Portal.

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Seluxit CEO
Daniel Lux
Hjulmagervej 32B
DK-9000 Aalborg
CVR: 29 38 82 37
Certified Advisor
Norden CEF ApS
Kongevejen 365
DK-2840 Holte
CVR: 31 93 30 48