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Lower your development costs by using our no-code platform and furthermore, get a higher quality product with lower risk and less development time.

Seluxit IoT Solutions:

Get results faster

No-code/low-code platforms exponentially reduce your development time at every stage of development.

Compared to writing your code from scratch, you can drastically reduce your time by reusing code. But even more, time can be saved when basic integrations in an end-to-end solution are already done for you, so your coding is minimal.

With our solution, anyone can make simple IoT solutions in a matter of minutes without writing a single line of code.

from scratch

From Scratch

Building your own IoT solution from scratch might sound tempting. After all, this will give you the freedom to decide, you have everything under control, and you are not dependent on any third party.

IoT at first seems deceptively easy to implement, and you can build the first proof of concept in a matter of weeks.

However, a solution ready for production must be stable, scalable, and secure. Furthermore, it should implement user management, device management, firmware update management, nightly backups, no single point of failure, geographically distributed architecture, etc.

You can ask yourself: “Do I want to sell IoT platforms?” If the answer is no, building your own IoT platform from scratch is most likely not right for you.

Code re-use

All bigger cloud solution providers offer components to build IoT solutions quickly. These toolboxes save development time and money.

However, combining these building blocks into a final solution is entirely up to each company using them. IoT devices need a good data model, firmware update management, a key management store, etc.

While you may be able to build a solution tailored to your needs, you must also monitor your system and keep it up to date, secure and operational.

You can ask yourself: “Do I have internal resources for continuous development, monitoring and operating an IoT infrastructure?” If the answer is no, maybe a fully managed solution is better for you.

code reuse
low code


In a Low-Code IoT solution, all fundamental functionalities are already available. IoT products and services are, however, highly diverse.

Physical devices might require sensors never used before. Software functionality is often unique per customer, and visualizations may be domain-specific.

To thoroughly tailor a solution to a customer, a bit of glue is often needed. Bits of code that extend a standard solution to make it perfect for a given customer represent this glue.

Making small customer-specific adaptations is a cost- and time-efficient process that can bring your IoT solution to the market quickly, yet fulfilling your and your customers’ needs perfectly.


We have been working with IoT technology for a long time. In some cases, you might be lucky, and all the components you need for your solution are already available.

In this case, you can use our No-code solution and have a workable prototype in minutes, including support for sensors, actuators, a dashboard, secure firmware update, Android and iOS apps, and more.


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10 Minutes from Sensor to Dashboard

It’s fast to get started with our platform. In fact, it only takes about 10 minutes to get data from an IoT sensor up on a dashboard in our IoT Rapid Prototyping flow.