Electronics engineer with high interest in technical development

At Seluxit, we frequently design and industrialize both the hardware and firmware of embedded systems, in close collaboration with our clients and partners. As we typically deliver full-stack solutions, our electronics engineers also collaborate closely with our own developers. This is especially the case for developers working with implementing wireless communication protocols such as Bluetooth or WiFi. Typical tasks include evaluating and sourcing components, hardware module design in CAD software, in-house prototyping including soldering, in-house testing with a series of tools such as network analysers, wireshark and jtag, and managing the production process including certification, and end-of-line testing.

For this position, we are seeking candidates with a solid technical background (electronic engineer or similar) and a strong ambition and curiosity to learn and delivery superior results. Electronics is not just your work, it is your hobby as well. We are looking for both newly educated and more experienced candidates.

Your responsibilities and tasks will include:

Hardware Design

• Schematic design (Orcad)
• PCB design (Orcad, Altium)
• Participate in investigation of component pricing and abilities
• Hardware design documentation
• Prototype development and testing
• Collaborate with software engineers in design, development and support of products

Hardware production

• Project management of production of hardware, including coordination with sub-suppliers
• Test set up and execution
• Certification and documentation
• Work closely with software development to ensure best functionality of product

You are a candidate with

• Proven track record in electronics development
• High interest in working in an agile and innovative environment
• Result and detail oriented, ensuring both right quality and time
• Ability to work well in ambitious client environments
• Proven ability to operate within a team-oriented environment
• Fluency in English and German language skills is a plus

Working at Seluxit means that you

• are genuinely engaged in your work
• are constantly improving your abilities
• take responsibility for your work
• work collaboratively

You need to be ambitious in your career, and we will in response help you grow in the direction that you choose instead of forcing you into a predetermined box.

Our working environment is fun and supportive. We’re busy, but we’re always smiling and have a pleasant atmosphere of camaraderie and openness. We highly value diversity, so we’re men and women, younger and more experienced, and we come from all over Europe and beyond.

About working at Seluxit

Seluxit was founded 12 years ago with the dream of creating the intelligent house; a house that not only makes daily life easier, but that also automatically reduces our energy usage. We have developed a comprehensive, technical platform that quickly, easily and at low cost can digitize companies’ products, benefiting both them and their customers.

Throughout our history we have run a sound business while investing internally to ensure our technological leadership. The 9th of November 2018 we had first day of trading on the Nasdaq First North, where we have raised capital to further develop our company and secure our position among the technological leaders in IoT, in a market expecting significant growth globally.

Further information and applications

The position is based at our office in Aalborg. Send your application to jobs@seluxit.com as soon as possible and no later than 10th of February 2019. For additional questions please contact CTO Morten P. Frederiksen at jobs@seluxit.com or +45 46 922 722

What makes us different

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People are different. Some thrive with a foreseeable workday digging into important details, some thrive with more variation. We have a flexible workplace, allowing each of us to perform our best. Flexibility is more than just accommodating type A and type B personalities, it is a philosophy of optimizing collaboration.

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Diversity is essential for innovation. Highly motivated, skilled people are essential for success. With 10 nationalities represented, speaking 19 languages, it’s now wonder that our company language is English. We’re both men and women, younger and more experienced, and we come from all over Europe and beyond. But we’re a unified team.

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Social life

Yeah, we’re a little nerdy. But on and off the pitch, we have fun together. Whether discussing the virtues of different frequency modulations or hot sauces at the lunch table, or discussing world politics (of our real or fictional worlds) at our regular game night, Seluxit has an inclusive and friendly atmosphere.