IoT Solutions for Education

Save energy, inspire students and learn IoT
We want to equip youth with technical skills and fuel them up with innovative thinking and problem-solving skills while learning meaningful competencies such as data science, math, physics and programming.
easy to use

Easy to use

It’s for everyone, no previous experience is needed


Productive fun

Have fun while developing vital skills applicable in the real world.


Connected multi-platform

Use web or mobile to control, analyze, automate and share.


Secure and private

We take extraordinary steps to protect children’s privacy.

We believe today’s global climate challenges need to be solved by tomorrow’s generations – and it starts with fun learning and inspiration.

By introducing our young people to energy, IoT, and science in a practical and hands-on way, we aim to nurture future generations with interest, knowledge, and skills.

Our IoT solutions are powerful learning tools that students use to perform various fun projects combining hardware, software, and cloud, and bring classes of Science, IT, our Community, and Math together. 

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Our EdTech Solutions

eCOP Smart Plug – Stop the electricity waste

Age: 6+

Learn about energy and consumption by creating real-life examinations and experiments while playing games.

See measured data in the dashboard and learn to read data and graphs. Gain analytic competencies by learning of patterns, comparisons and much more.

eCOP smart plug

Wappsto:bit – IoT device for children

Age: 10+

Now kids can make their own internet-connected thermometer, noise sensor, candy-drawer alarm or even reaction game in just minutes.


  • electronics
  • data visualization and manipulation
  • programming basics
  • and more

Wappsto IoT Platform

Wappsto is a comprehensive solution that combines data visualization and analytics, cloud services and diverse tools to enhance education.

It offers device and user management, data analytics, sharing, integrations with data services and systems, no-code automations, and user-friendly interfaces for both web and mobile.

The platform aims to provide an enriched learning experience, efficient resource management, data-driven decision-making, and increased privacy for students, and teachers.

Wappsto dashboard widgets

Education Plan

We have made a special subscription to support education with the best solution at the lowest cost. You don’t have to worry about data limits and limits of students and teachers.

It’s all included!

30 EUR /per month

1 billion data points
Unlimited devices
User management
Data visualization and analysis
Data integrations
No-code automations
Data sharing
Data import and export
Data privacy

1-year subscription

Save 5%

342 EUR

28.5 EUR /per month

3-year subscription

Save 10%

972 EUR

27 EUR /per month

5-year subscription

Save 15%

1530 EUR

25.5 EUR /per month

All prices are in Euro and exclude VAT


Wappsto:bit is an ideal solution for incorporating technology into the classroom, making learning about IoT both fun and engaging for students of all ages. We highly recommend the educational solution Wappsto:bit for the Internet of Things (IoT) and various curricular content.

Lluis Molas


Anyone who is used to working with the micro:bit can get this board online in a few minutes with the help of the Wappsto:bit. Just click on an initial program and then enjoy a colorful dashboard – this is a smooth process thanks to the detailed (and partly in German) instructions on the Seluxit website.

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