This is the Seluxit Porcupine IoT Rapid Prototyping climate kit.

In less than 10 minutes, you can start collecting environmental data and work with it in Seluxit’s cloud, visualize your data in tables and graphs, and create sophisticated, intelligent applications using the Seluxit development framework.

The package includes a Seluxit Porcupine mini computer, a Seluxit universal connector hat, connectors, a power-supply unit and five different sensors and actuators. There’s a LED button, buzzer, relay as well as a barometer and CO2 sensor, both with temperature and humidity sensors.

We’re sending the first Seluxit Porcupine climate kit out today. The official release is slated for 1 May, 2020. If you’re interested in getting your hands on it, write to and let us know.

Energy Efficiency Dashboard

Energy Efficiency Dashboard

Indenfor få minutter kan du få et rigtig godt indblik i dit energiforbrug med det nye Energi Dashboard fra Seluxit. Udvilingen er en del af et EU støttet projekt - AVES Analysis and Visualisation for Energy Savings - som er lavet i samarbejde med AAU og Systemize."...

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