About Seluxit

Seluxit was founded in 2006 with the dream of creating the intelligent house; a house that not only makes daily life easier but that also automatically reduces our energy usage. We have developed a comprehensive, technical platform that quickly, easily and at low cost can digitize companies’ products, benefiting both them and their customers.

Throughout our history, we have run a sound business while investing internally to ensure our technological leadership. The 9th of November 2018 we had our first day of trading on the Nasdaq First North, where we have raised capital to further develop our company and secure our position among the technological leaders in IoT, in a market expecting significant growth globally.

Internship opportunities

We are an international team, therefore the main speaking language at the office is English. 25% of our employees started as interns which means that you, as an intern, may potentially continue with your final project or get a part-time/full-time job at Seluxit like some of our employees, who are still studying while working part-time.

Please note that we do not expect you to possess all the skills and requirements we mention here to apply for the following positions. Our intention is to give an overview of what you may be doing during the internship and help you find the direction you want to go in. Please note that, based on the number of applications and limited space in the office, we will choose only the best applicants to start an internship at Seluxit. We have multiple internship positions available starting with February 2021. Please check the descriptions below.

The following positions are available from February 2021

Marketing and Design

  • Visual Identity Designer (min. 1 month)

    We are looking for a Design Intern who could help us to improve our company’s product visual identity.

    • Create a design elements
    • Design and create templates for marketing materials

    • Branding
    • Creation of aesthetic objects
    • Being creative
    • Communication
    • Typography

    • Adobe Creative Cloud: InDesign, Illustrator
    • MS Office: PowerPoint, Word
    • Knowledge of other tools is always a plus

    Please, attach your portfolio of professional design projects when submitting the CV.

  • Graphic designer (min. 1 month)

    For this position, we are looking for a Graphic Design Intern who can help us create new and improve existing graphic materials. Graphic material will fall into different categories such as the Internet of Things, IoT Product Development, Stock Market, Creative Projects, Application Help & Guidelines.

    • Create graphics for our company’s website and other media
    • Create icons and illustration
    • Photo shooting/editing
    • Layout designs

    • Photography
    • Infographics
    • Creation of aesthetic objects
    • Being creative

    • Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop, Illustrator
    • Knowledge of other tools is always a plus

    Please, attach your portfolio of professional design projects when submitting the CV.

  • UI/UX designer (min. 1 month)

    We are looking for a UI/UX Design Intern to improve our IoT web and mobile application look and feel. You will create both functional and appealing features that address the end-users’ needs and help bring IoT products to a new level.

    • Research: gather requirements, evaluate user needs
    • Illustrate design ideas, process flows, and sitemaps
    • Design graphic user interface elements and build navigation components
    • User testing

    • Experience with design software and wireframe tool

    Please, attach your portfolio of professional design projects when submitting the CV.

Sales and Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Intern (min. 1 month)

    Think you might have a flair for digital marketing? Then we have an internship opportunity for you, giving you the practical tasks to prove it.

    You’ll have a chance to
    • Get creative with text and images
    • Get (a bit) technical with HTML, Wordpress and analytics
    • Plan and execute predefined social-media campaigns
    • Research market opportunities, resulting in concrete leads
    • Use relevant tools on real-world tasks
    • Think critically and make an impact on our business

    Your tasks will include
    • Auditing our website for content and consistency
    • Keyword analysis and execution (e.g., meta and alt tags)
    • Formatting and posting pre-prepared content in Wordpress
    • Researching potential customers / partners and recording results
    • Social listening & engagement (e.g., reposting, commenting)
    • Social campaign construction (interviewing our employees, writing, image selection)
    • Assessing results of specific campaigns

    You can expect from us
    • A fun, social and supportive environment
    • Exciting and diverse workplace
    • Flexibility in your tasks, so you can focus on what motivates you
    • A collaborative approach and openness to your ideas

    We expect from you
    • A degree of digital savvy
    • Commitment and drive
    • Not afraid to think out-of-the-box
    • You can stand on your own and work collaboratively
    • Conversational fluency in English
    • Native German or Danish a plus

Software Development

  • Flutter mobile application developer (min. 2 months)

    The idea of the mobile application is to make any mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) into IoT devices. The current version of the app supports few sensor readings which sends data to the Seluxit Cloud.

    • Development using Flutter, Dart https://flutter.dev/
    • To enable more sensor readings (ex: magnetic force)
    • To use the phone’s camera for image recognition
    • Existing feature stabilization
    • Testing on Android and iOS devices
    • Usage of Seluxit REST API
    • Multiple platform support.

    • Basic knowledge of programming languages
    • Experience with dart, typescript or javascript is a plus
    • Interest in developing a mobile app

About working at Seluxit

You may be working with other interns in a group or alone but you will get the possibility to apply theories in practice based on real-life business needs and requirements. You need to be ambitious in your career, and we will in response help you grow in the direction that you choose instead of forcing you into a predetermined box.

We help by guiding you throughout the whole process whether it is design or development you are doing. We will be advising on challenging decisions and issues that may occur at certain steps. Most important, we will be giving you IoT specific knowledge that will help with assigned tasks and give you a different perspective on things.

We are open-minded and our working environment is fun and supportive. We’re busy, but we’re always smiling and have a pleasant atmosphere of camaraderie and openness. We highly value diversity, so we’re men and women, younger and more experienced, and we come from all over Europe and beyond.

Working at Seluxit means that you

  • Are genuinely engaged in your work
  • Are constantly improving your abilities
  • Take responsibility for your work
  • Work collaboratively


The position is based at our office in Aalborg. Send your application to jobs@seluxit.com. For additional questions send us an email at jobs@seluxit.com or call at +45 46 922 722. Please include the position name and interhship period in your application.

What makes us different

vission picture


Passing on our own competitive advantage to our customers is only part of the story. Seluxit’s real mission is to help our customers — and their customers — securely tap into data to create new value.

Every connected product needs a core business case, but every connected product also holds the promise of becoming something greater than itself. This is the promise of the Internet of Things, where devices can optimize and automate our lives for the better. It is Seluxit’s mission to remove barriers for our customers so they can fully participate in the unfolding IoT story.

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The data generated by the world around us, including the data our connected devices are generating can be used to optimize our lives. Data can save money, it can save energy, or even save lives.

Data is the new oil of the digital economy, but data can also be misused to society’s detriment. That’s why the secure handling of data has become more important than ever. Seluxit’s vision is to be a major contributor to the story of the Internet of Things — how humans can orchestrate connected products to improve our lives, while preserving our security and privacy.

values picture


Innovation and openness on the one hand, and technical robustness and security on the other hand, are values that sometimes oppose each other. They need to be in balance.

Innovation and openness allow us to push ideas forward and collaborate, and they require a willingness to take risk. But without an anchoring in sound technological solutions that are secure in their application as well as in their financial prospects, innovation has no value. We approach our work with an agility that allows us to negotiate these tensions, bringing the best out in each of our employees as well as in each of our solutions.