More than just tracking

What happened, when, and where? Welcome to a new generation of Asset Tracking powered by IoT, where you get the full story.

We make asset tracking easy

All devices feature pre-configured cloud connection, so your data is automatically collected directly in your fully-configurable Wappsto Dashboard.

Map view in the fully-configurable Wappsto Dashboard (full size image)

Asset Tracking Technologies

We have compiled a comparison chart of the most relevant technologies for asset tracking. Different use cases call for different technologies, sometimes it also makes sense to combine technologies (example of end-to-end logistics solution).

Asset Tracking Technologies chart(full size image)

Are you ready to know the full story of your assets?

Seluxit off the shelf solutions currently cover: SLX Snitch series (4G & 5G NB-IoT) and SLX BLE Beacon series.

SLX Snitch series

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SLX BLE Beacons

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What happened, when, and where? Know the full story with Seluxit Asset Tracking