People are different. Some thrive with a foreseeable workday digging into important details, some thrive with more variation. We have a flexible workplace that can accommodate many different kinds of personalities. In fact, we highly value diversity, so we’re men and women, younger and more experienced, and we come from all over Europe and beyond.

Our expectations for new Data Analysts

At Seluxit, our software developers currently share responsibility for this area and we do not have dedicated data analysts. We have ambitions to continue to grow our focus in this area, and therefore seek dedicated experts. Our IoT platform is central for our data analysis work often revolves around Couchbase (for current state information) as well as CrateDB (for log and audit data). Our data analysis activities have included in past projects such topics as data scraping and data mining for the purposes of electrical load forecasting of distribution grid districts. For this project we employed various methods of data analysis such as regression and time-series analysis with ARIMA models. Current and future work includes machine-learning algorithm development based on interactions between heterogeneous devices in smartgrid and smarthome environments.

For this position, we are seeking candidates with a high level of expertise. As we are increasing our focus in this area of development, candidates should be able to contribute significantly and expand upon to the activities outlined above.

About Being a Data Analyst at Seluxit

1. Genuinely engaged in your work.
2. Constantly improving your abilities
3. That you take responsibility for your work
4. Work collaboratively

You need to be ambitious in your career, and we will in response help you grow in the direction that you choose instead of forcing you into a predetermined box.

Our working environment is fun and supportive. We’re busy, but we’re always smiling and have a pleasant atmosphere of camaraderie and openness.

Further information and applications

All positions are at our office in Aalborg. Interviews and hiring are on an ongoing basis. We are looking for candidates with high expertise in their fields.

For more additional questions and to apply, please contact CEO Daniel Lux at or +45 46 922 722