SLX Porcupine SOM

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Kraftig og versatil System-on-Module

Preprogrammeret til Cloud connectivity – Produktprøve pris.

Kontakt os for tilbud på større stk tal. MOQ 1.000 stk.

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Why Porcupine SOM?

When you go from prototype to volume production, you want to make a tailor made design for your solution. The Porcupine SOM gives you this possibility.

You should be aware that the SOM does not include Bluetooth and WiFi. You can “ask Morten” for a WiFi Bluetooth chip to your design if you want out of the box compatibility to your prototypes.

Porcupine SOM features

  • Preprogrammed Seluxit OS with automatic cloud connectivity.
  • 289 MAPBGA package
  • Onboard RAM & flash
  • Shielded flash and CPU
  • Preconfigured OS
  • Secure boot
  • Direct cloud connection


Porcupine SOM Product Overview