No-Code / Low-Code Platform

We've already built the IoT products. Use them to build IoT solutions. Here are your advantages.

Seluxit IoT Solutions: Faster and More Robust

No-code / low-code platforms exponentially reduce your development time at every stage of development.

Compared to writing your code from scratch, you can drastically reduce your time by reusing code. But even more time can be saved when basic integrations in an end-to-end solution are already done for you, so your coding is minimal.

With our solution, anyone can make simple IoT solutions in a matter of minutes without writing a single line of code.

Seluxit IoT Solution Builder

You get all this without writing a line of code

Standard dashboard

Standard native apps
seluxit no code
Standard microservices

Standard data model
Embedded Software
Standard software modules

Standard firmware
Embedded Hardware
Standard components

Standard sensors and actuators

Seluxit IoT Solution Builder

Seluxit offers a no-code / low-code platform, and a range of finished IoT products and IoT components built with these tools.

The SLX Series is Seluxit's own range of complete product solutions. Viasens by Seluxit is our secure IoT Infrastructure. Viasens gets your IoT data to the cloud. Wappsto by Seluxit let's you do more with your data, including immediately seeing your IoT data in your dashboard and native apps.

Pricing for Viasens and Wappsto are based on the same simple scheme.

10 Minutes from Sensor to Dashboard

It's fast to get started with our platform. In fact, it only takes about 10 minutes to get data from an IoT sensor up on a dashboard in our IoT Rapid Prototyping flow.

Read more about IoT Rapid Prototyping ≫

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