All of our customers on Wappsto can use the Dashboard. The data from your SLX product comes in automatically.

Alarm views for devices that need attention
seluxit dashboard map
You set the thresholds and the colors displayed. (full size image)

Fully configurable graph views
seluxit dashboard map
It's easy to configure graphs. (full size image)

Explore your data freely
seluxit dashboard map
Change the way you view your data on the fly. (full size image)

Point-and-click configuration
seluxit dashboard map
Creating new widgets and dashbords is easy. (full size image)

Opening the Dashboard

Every Seluxit customer creates a Wappsto account at wappsto.com. To open the Dashboard wapp in Wappsto, just install the Dashboard wapp in the store and click on the dashboard wapp in the installed wapps area. Then the dashboard opens in a new tab.

seluxit dashboard map
Anybody can easily create an account on wappsto.com (full size image)

seluxit dashboard map
Once inside Wappsto, you have access to the Dashboard (full size image)

Full access to all your data
seluxit dashboard map
For each device you can view all data and drill down for more specifics. (full size image)
Map functionality
seluxit dashboard map
You can drill down and see information on any item with location data. (full size image)

See a demo

Get in touch and we'll show you just how versatile our Dashboard is.

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