SLX Mobile IoT Device

Your Mobile Device as an IoT Device

In three quick steps you can view live sensor data directly from your mobile device in our dashboard


Download the app from Google play
(iOS version pending)


Sign in or create and account and start measuring


In your browser, sign in to Wappsto by Seluxit, install the 'Dashboard' wapp, and configure your view (point-and-click)

Data flows right into your configurable dashboard (full size image)

It is free to get started with generous data limits (up to €6,50 worth of data traffic and storage / month).

When you've used up your free data, the data stream automatically stops unless you choose to continue.

Go to our pricing page ≫

IoT in Your Pocket

Your phone is filled with sensors and it's connected to the internet... all the ingredients for an IoT device. But how do you get a hold of all that latent data?

SLX Mobile IoT Device makes any mobile device you have (smartphones, tablets, etc.) into IoT devices. With your permission, the app reads your mobile device’s sensor data.

The app currently supports: (1) noise (2) light (3) location (4) Wi-Fi (5) accelerometer, and (6) gyroscope. Your phone's data is automatically sent to Wappsto by Seluxit, our developer toolkit allowing you to make sophisticated applications, or simply just see your data in our configurable dashboard.

slx mobile iot device
IoT in your pocket, ready to download