Developer Resources

Whether you're doing low-level device work, backend integrations or app development, Seluxit has the tools to let you do more with IoT.

IoT Solution Builder

If you'd like the rundown on our developer environment, check out our section on IoT Solution Builder that outlines how our secure IoT infrastructure (device firmware and cloud), Viasens by Seluxit fits together with our Unified Data Model (UDM) and our application and datasharing tools, Wappsto by Seluxit.

If you're looking for some specific documentation, check out the links below.


Here are some links to our documentation. If you need a hand getting started, write to

Viasens Documentation

Seluxit REST API ≫

Seluxit GitHub ≫

Wappsto documentation

Seluxit REST API ≫

Wapp API ≫

Wappsto GitHub ≫

Wappsto Redux ≫

Native app documentation

Seluxit REST API ≫

Wappsto Redux ≫

Example: Mobile IoT Device ≫

Example: React Native Wappsto Networks ≫

Using Seluxit's developer tools lessens your IoT development time and expands your capabilities - and it's free to start


Contact our support team by writing a mail to if you need help or experiencing issues with our products, services or applications.