Cybercom and Seluxit announce strategic IoT partnership

IT development and consultancy group Cybercom and IoT specialists Seluxit have recently announced a strategic partnership to ensure even broader and more technologically robust Internet of Things technologies for their clients.

The partnership has been forged in response to increased concrete market demand for getting products to market that are IoT enabled.

In pursuit of meeting the increased market need, Cybercom will leverage Seluxit’s profound and specific knowledge of embedded IoT hardware, firmware and communication protocols as well as its expertise with IoT gateway and middleware cloud solutions. Cybercom will augment these core technologies with its own technology frameworks, and will be able to fully develop the solutions in conjunction with its extensive partner network. This will better enable both Cybercom and Seluxit to meet the full range of their clients’ business needs.

As Seluxit’s CEO Daniel Lux explains, “The partnership with Cybercom will allow us to provide our technologies for a broader range of clients. Furthermore, Cybercom is in a position to fully realise the potential of an IoT solution in the broader enterprise context, for example by analyzing and integrating data towards the clients’ CRM and ERP systems.”

Bo Strömqvist, Head of Sales at Cybercom, comments “we always strive to build strong co-operations to the benefit of our clients. Seluxit’s vast experience and state-of-the-art solutions mean that we can provide even more value, adding our client and domain knowledge to their technical foundation”.

For further information, please contact:

Seluxit, Daniel Lux, CEO +45 46 922722
Cybercom, Patrik Lägermo, Business Unit Manager, +46 708 779696

About Seluxit

Seluxit is an agile international team working in Aalborg, Denmark, focusing on end-to-end IoT solutions from the device to the user interface.

About Cybercom

Cybercom is an IT consulting company that assists leading companies and organisations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world. The company’s areas of expertise span the entire ecosystem of communications services. Cybercom’s domestic market is the Nordic region, and in addition the company offers global delivery capacity for local and international business. Cybercom was founded in 1995 and has been quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm exchange since 1999.

Written by Daniel Lux

I am a nerdy person who loves going into depth in diverse areas of knowledge. The less I know about a matter, the more I can learn. I always find it exciting to meet people with a different area of expertise from mine. Solving challenging problems is one of the most exciting things to do and working in a group is always more rewarding than working alone. Working with engaged, driven people, women, men, old, young, different professions, cultures, and religions is a great experience. In my work as co-founder of Seluxit, I have gained in-depth knowledge in the field of the Internet of Things, from wireless communication protocols, over cryptology and security, to cloud services and user interfaces. Doing an IPO with Seluxit in 2018 has been a fascinating journey and taught me a lot about business plans, due diligence, PR/IR, and how to professionalize and grow a listed company. Next to my work, I engage very actively in climate change discussions. My main focus is on finding solutions and the effects that CO2 has on our human body. You can find my articles about this subject on Medium and some videos on YouTube. I enjoy running, playing piano, and socializing to balance my busy work life in my free time.